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First Class On Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines bumped me to first class and it was amazing.

It was early morning and I was off to Portland to visit a close friend and attend her daughters wedding. I decided to check in the night before and discovered what looked like a first class seat change.  Sure enough as I rolled into the airport before the sun came up, I was greeted by an agent who glanced at my ticket, smiled, and waved me over to the first class Alaska Airlines check in line. “May I help the next first class customer please?” a few heads turned, including a very classy lady who was standing with her husband and had just checked in. She gave me a quick once over, and then smiled with a nod. I believe this to be a “rich people” greeting of acceptance. Straightening my posture, I smiled, nodded back, and took my rightful place at the VIP counter.  Yes! I was in, and they were none the wiser!

A few moments later, we had all turned to walk upstairs at the same time and again this older woman who  oozed class and money, turned, smiled and gave me another nod. This confirmed it, I was officially welcomed by my new tribe.

Settling In

Jeff and I have been flying Alaska Airlines since our long distance dating days, so yeah, like 20 years already, which seems odd because clearly I’m only 29? He’s lucked out with first class upgrades numerous times. Me, not so much, so you can damn well believe I was going to enjoy this and be on my best behavior. My only regret… not ordering a Mimosa, but it’s all good, drinking at 7:05am seemed excessive, although this was not the same view point of the dude across the aisle from me who could not have possibly been sober when we landed just after 9am, but I digress. I did, however, indulge in the food and hot beverages, because I’m no sucker and it’s all flipping free! Woot!

So Many Perks

As I carefully prepared my tray, my tablet and set up my addiction show, Reign about Mary Queen Of Scots on Netflix, I was met with a horrible reality… I FORGOT my $%#&! headphones. Do you know how many sets of airline headphones I’ve purchased out of desperation over the years!? Neither do I but I’m sure it’s quite a few. Not to mention the pair I had purchased just weeks ago for these EXACT situations. *sigh*. “Excuse me, Miss?” I politely called out after wiping my hands with the luxury damp warm cloth given to me via tongs. The last group of commoner passengers shuffled past. “I seemed to have forgotten my headphones. Would it be possible to purchase a set?” “No need” she started… “This is first class, they’re complimentary!” Her smile was warm, like an angel. My first class personal angel, ready to assist me at any moment. And just like that, I realized the good life, that I will never become accustomed to, but will enjoy any possible time an opportunity arises!

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