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Easter Decor

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Confession: I like the decor more than I do the actual holiday.

I feel this way about most major holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I still love going out to trick or treat, and nothing beats Christmas morning but decorating for those holidays may be what brings me the most happiness. I enjoy looking at pretty things!

The truth is, I have a hard time investing in the various holidays throughout the year. I believe that most of the celebrating fell to the wayside because it’s just us. By that I mean hubby, kids and myself with no family in state. Big dinners with just the four of us seems a bit much. We do the egg hunts because I LOVE that part, but besides Christmas and Halloween, all the other holiday celebrations are just meh with me, and I put in very little effort into actually celebrating.

Pretty themed decor is my Kryptonite and Michael’s is my nemesis.

When it comes to Valentines, St. Patricks day, etc… I do little more than pulling out a few items to decorate/swap out the current theme. This silver tray on the fireplace mantle is my new favorite thing to look at. In just a few minutes I can bring in a splash of holiday fun and not piss Jeff off because he has to grab multiple containers from storage. See, I’m thoughtful like that. It only takes a couple of minutes to swap a few items out and create a pretty holiday themed vingette that doesn’t take over the house, yet makes me feel like I’m not ignoring the holiday all together. Plus, something simple like this is great for small dwellings when you don’t want to feel overwhelmed with decorations.

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If you have ever wanted to decorate but feel overwhelmed on where to start, here are a few tips:

Keep it small, do it in a place you spend a lot of time(I sit in my recliner way more than I should actually admit), and thus looking at pretty things helps me feel relaxed. Yes, pretty things relax me, as long at there aren’t legos, socks, bits of paper projects or anything else in view of my pretty things because that can ruin it. Damn kids.

If you lack surface space(like me) find one area, book shelf, wall shelf, mantle, whichever you choose and start small. Groups of three is a good rule, as is odd numbers.

Odd numbers and varying heights. You likely have items around your house that you can use… books make great places to add levels. I painted a new Easter theme picture for this display! 🙂 

You can check out a few variations of this display HERE !

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